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A shoe. (at Marin Academy)

View from the office 3/3, with @scott_henry (at Marin Independent Journal)

Popcorn skies.


I had a real bad case of Haiku once, but I got over it….

When it comes to word play comedy, I leave it to the prose.

(via wilwheaton)


It’s true, Kodak has officially stopped production of acetate film base, one of the key components of camera film. Reddit user ApatheticAbsurdist notes that Kodak has enough stock to keep producing film for a few more years, but it’s safe to say the announcement is another blow for film lovers everywhere.

Kodak Stops Producing Key Component of 35mm Film

via Reddit / Photo by Arno Jenkins

Sad face emoticon.

Digging through some of my old photos, I found this one of a dog having his portrait done at the Bark and Whine Ball in San Francisco, circa 1999.


Happy birthday, Margaret Bourke-White. Here, we look back at her breathtaking legacy.